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Jeff Desmarais 2018

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Meet Jeff

Jeff Desmarais has been a proud resident of Watertown since he chose to move to the town with his wife and young daughter more than a decade ago. A lifelong patriot, Jeff enlisted in the Army National Guard in 1997 and served honorably until 2003, earning his battalion’s Soldier of the Year Award in 2000. In addition to serving his country, Jeff has also served his community on the Watertown Town Council and has been a WaterOak Little League baseball coach for more than 5 years.

Jeff is a community-oriented family man by nature and a financial advisor by profession. Jeff knows from first-hand experience that the state of Connecticut has suffered greatly due to the Great Recession and he is ready to go to Hartford to fight for the working families of Watertown and Woodbury. He is prepared to protect the state of Connecticut from the dangerous policies of Donald Trump that threaten Connecticut’s middle class. He is prepared to vote against tax increases, because he knows from experience that they will only hurt the people of the state. He is ready to protect the rights of every citizen, not just some of them.

Jeff is ready use his expertise to lead by example and be a moderating force for compromise in Hartford, where even routine budget negotiations have been gripped by partisan gridlock lately. Jeff will not simply be a party-line vote. Jeff will represent the people of Watertown and Woodbury and he is ready to do what’s best for them and for the state of Connecticut.

Jeff lives in Watertown with his two children, Chloe and Ethan, and his wife Joanna. Joanna is a registered nurse.

Jeff Supports Healthcare Access, Seniors, and Education for All

On healthcare: we need to work together to help drive down the backbreaking costs of healthcare. Families and individuals are being financially ruined because a loved one gets sick. How many of us have had to make a choice between a doctors visit because you have something medically wrong, and not going because you can’t afford it. It is unacceptable in our society that finding treatment for illness or injury threatens a person or family’s financial well being. I will work hard to help make affordable and accessible healthcare for all.

On seniors: our seniors have worked their entire lives and have contributed to making our state and nation what it is today. But many are being forced to stay in the workforce longer that they should be, or have to return to it, because they can’t afford not to. Many of our seniors live on a very fixed income and any illness or unexpected expense can devastate them. We can do better. We can give back to our seniors but lowering their tax burden, through deductions and cuts that will go a long way to providing some financial security.

On education: the best investment any society can make is to the education of our children. They are the future of our state and our country. But we have not been adequately preparing them for the world of the 21st century. I’d like to work with educators and experts in the field of education to come up with a 21st century curriculum that will not only prepare our kids for the modern world, but enlighten them so they can better strive for their dreams.